What’s On Your Mind? – Week 1 – It’s All In Your Head!

The first message in a series that looks at a variety of NT passages regarding the mind of the Christian.  And more specifically how our minds intersect with God’s mind, so that the Apostle Paul can say in today’s text, “But we have the mind of Christ!”   (1 Corinthians 2:9-16)

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Questions To Ask Yourself On Mother’s Day

God’s desire is that we would pursue spiritual wellness in our lives and relationships.  But sometimes our pride and self-sufficiency get in the way of our own wellness, or even inhibits wellness with our family and friends. We explore the theme of “wellness” by considering an encounter from The Old Testament between a mom and The prophet of God, Elisha. (2 Kings 4:8-22)

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Daniel – Week 12 – The Time of The End – or – The End of Time?

Today’s message reflects on numerous time periods including Daniel’s lifetime, Daniel’s future and our past, and even stretching into our future.  Daniel remained committed to God from his teens well into his eighties, though he did not live to see the victories promised.  So, forget the quick fix, the sudden solution, the seven easy steps.  Just keep walking.  Don’t give up.  Don’t lose hope.  Don’t be afraid.  Remain strong and be the people of God! (Daniel 11)

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Daniel – Week 11 – The Unseen Battle

The title “The Unseen Battle”  not only describes this sermon, it also tells us what Daniel 10 is all about. This often overlooked chapter reveals a cosmic struggle between the forces of good and evil. It tells of angels and demons locked in mortal combat somewhere between heaven and earth.  This is like a epic Sci-Fi movie, only this isn’t science fiction. It’s real! (Daniel 10)

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Daniel – Week 10 – Prayer That Grabs God’s Attention

In Daniel 9 we find of the most powerful prayers in the Bible.  While Daniel has a preference and some requests, he also clearly recognizes the importance of God’s timeline above that of his own. Today, as we examine Daniel’s prayer in chapter 9, we find a model for own prayers. (Daniel 9)

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Daniel – Week 9 – The Goats vs. The Rams

In this chapter we witness another strange vision that Daniel received along with the interpretation of the vision.  The vision contains some specific prophecies about events– past, contemporary to Daniel’s time, and stretching far into the future. Daniel would live and die without ever seeing the complete fulfillment of his vision.  But the fulfillment of the vison continues to impact God’s people today.

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Daniel – Week 8 – Monsters INC.

In this chapter we encounter one of the more amazing visions in the Bible.  It tells of a strange dream Daniel had in which God revealed to him a symbolic outline of human history stretching from Daniel’s day to the very end of time as we understand it.  Although much of his dream has been fulfilled, the final parts are yet future, even to us.  Daniel’s dream carried for him, and for us, both warning and comfort, as we put our full trust in the One called The Ancient of Days. (Daniel 7)

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