Gospel of John – Week 26 – A Better Way To Get Through Life

In this message we are challenged to humbly use the resources God has provided for the well-being of others.  This is the better way to get through this life, the lifestyle of humility modeled by Jesus.  (John 13:1-17)

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Gospel of John – Week 25 – In Pursuit of Glory

In this passage from John Chapter 12 Jesus tell us how and where to find glory. Many of us try to wade around in puddles of glory provided in this world system, but Jesus tells us about an ocean of glory,  an endless source of hope and joy found only when we meet Jesus at the Cross. Sermon begins at 21:00 (John 12:19-33)

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Gospel of John – Week 24 – The Breaking Point

Underlying Jesus’ claims, signs, miracles and teachings has been constant opposition from the religious establishment. In today’s text we see the final breaking point between the religious leaders and Jesus.

How will we react to His Word and His Works. Will we be thoughtless and careless and underestimate the treasure He has placed inside of us?   Or will we welcome Jesus, be convinced of Who He is, and make the commitment to fully follow Him?  (John 11:45-57)


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Gospel of John – Week 23 – Back From Beyond

In John 11 we see that Jesus reveals God’s views on death, in part to encourage our proper response to death.  When we rely on the God who Knows and Cares and Rules over us… we can be assured He has our best interest in mind, both in this very temporary world, and more importantly, in the life to come (John 11:1-44)

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Gospel of John – Week 22 – Mixed Metaphors

In our text Jesus mixes a couple of metaphors… referring to Himself both as “The Door” and as “The Good Shepherd” using what is common to teach a profound truth about His worth and His work.  He also invited His followers to experience the abundant life available only through Him. (John 10:1-19)

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Gospel of John = Week 21 – Blind Man’s Bluff

When Jesus, the Light, healed a man born blind he gained more than eyesight, the blind man came to possess true sight—genuine faith.  This text encourages us to examine our own spiritual eyesight and focus our vision on Jesus as the Light of the World. (john 9:1-41)


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Gospel of John – Week 20 – IF…..Then…

This lengthy text covers four logical conditional statements Jesus makes that apply to our spiritual walk.  It also contains consider two critical “I AM” statements of Jesus that connect Him directly to God and are like bookends to a library of crucial spiritual truths.  (John 8:12-59)

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