Get Connected in a LifeGroup or Adult Bible Fellowship

If you’re new to GWC, or aren’t plugged in…then consider getting into a group. We offer a variety of groups, for people of all ages and stages of life. You can pick from an Adult Bible Fellowship group that meets at church on Sunday morning, or a LifeGroup that meets in a home during the week.

The purpose of all our groups is the same: we want to build relationships (with each other and God), pray for one another, discuss the Bible, and help each other learn to live by faith. And yes, we want to have some fun together, as well!

Some groups are organized by age or season of life. Some groups are organized by topic of study. Look over our “menu” of groups…pick some to visit…and find one that fits! Even if you never have read or studied the Bible, you are welcome to join us.

Please contact the church office for a list of active groups.

Need more information?
Call or email Rob Carney at the church office: 541-683-8213; [email protected]