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Treachery & Failure

Speaker: Bruce White
October 15, 2017

Daniel finds himself in a conflict: a conflict that is caused by treachery, but it becomes a conflict shaped by faith. (Daniel 6:1-28)

An Evil Kingdom’s Downfall

Speaker: Bruce White
October 08, 2017

God takes the leadership of nations seriously. Very seriously. (Daniel 5:1-31)

An Arrogant Dictator’s Downfall

Speaker: Bruce White
October 01, 2017

King Nebuchadnezzar must deal with the consequences of his pride. What are the implications for us? (Daniel 4:1-37)

My Faith or My Life?

Speaker: Bruce White
September 24, 2017

How do you respond when an ungodly culture demands that you conform or die? (Daniel 3:1-30)

Interpreting Dreams & Visions

Speaker: Bruce White
September 17, 2017

Daniel placates a tyrannical king, saves his own life, and honors God…all by interpreting a dream.  (Daniel 2:1-49)

Captured & Exiled…Yet Faithful

Speaker: Bruce White
September 10, 2017

When believers live in a place of exile, they must choose their battles wisely. (Daniel 1:1-21)

The Healing Power of Prayer

Speaker: Bruce White
September 03, 2017

God has promised to heal us from all sorts of sicknesses…if we approach Him with trust and with humility. (James 5:13-16)

Will We Be Wise or Foolish?

Speaker: Bruce White
August 27, 2017

How will we respond to all that Jesus has taught in His sermon on the mount? (Matthew 7:21-8:1)

Practice Some Discernment

Speaker: Bruce White
August 20, 2017

Believers can, at times, be spiritually vulnerable. We must learn to protect ourselves by practicing some discernment. (Matthew 7:13-20)

God’s Protecting Love

Speaker: Bruce White
August 13, 2017

There always are people willing to enslave others…and God always is working to set people free. (Acts 16:16-25) This message has a particular focus on human-sex trafficking in Cambodia.

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