Restoration Ministries

Have you Ever Been Hurt?

Life is not hopeless…you can be restored & renewed!

All of us have engaged in behavior that is harmful to ourselves & others. All of us have fallen short of the best that God has to offer us. And all of us have been hurt by others.

These experiences can leave us feeling perpetually wounded. The lingering hurts of the past can tie us in emotional knots and interfere with our relationships. Ultimately we can feel defeated and hopeless.

That’s when we need to experience “restoration”.

Restoration MinistriesIf you are struggling & hurting, the Restoration Ministry classes can help you find freedom from all that weighs you down. You can begin a new season of life as you build healthier relationships with other people and with God. You can break free from guilt, shame, anger, and self-destructive addictions & habits.

Restoration Ministries is a proven program, based on applying God’s truth from the Bible to help heal the deep hurts of life. This program has been offered around the world for decades, helping people experience spiritual & emotional freedom.

GWC is a host church for this life-changing seminar, which we offer several times each year in a  DVD-presentation format. Our hosts guide you through the course workbook, present the DVD sessions, and lead informal discussions & prayer times.

Classes meet once a week for 16 weeks; each class session is 2 hours long. The requested donation is $25 for the first family member; $15 for the next two family members, and the rest of the family at no charge. The workbook is an additional $27 per person.

For information about the next series of classes, please contact:

Fred & Sharon Gadsden
Restoration Ministries Coordinators
Garden Way Church

541-517-5831 (cell)

541-510-5539 (cell)


For more information about Restoration Ministries, visit their website: