Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series

More of Jesus’ Love Letters to the Church

Toward the beginning of the Book of Revelation, the Apostle John is given a unique set of instructions by the resurrected Jesus. John is to serve as a divine secretary, by writing and sending letters that Jesus personally dictates. These letters are addressed to seven specific first-century churches, and they include words of praise and words of correction. Some of what Jesus says to His followers is gently affirming, and some of it is an example of “tough love.”

The strengths and weaknesses of these ancient churches are not unique, because throughout history the human race does not change much. So there is much we can learn – as a church and as individuals – by listening to what the Lord says to our spiritual ancestors.

Last fall, we explored three of these love letters from Jesus and now we will examine three more.As before, our goal is to hear His words of love to us, so we increasingly can become the kind of believers…and the kind of faith community…that Jesus wants us to be.

February 9                    Tolerance vs. Grace

February 16                  Looking Good vs. Doing Good

February 23                  Endurance vs. Surrender