Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series

One the biggest problems in our culture is pride. Pride drives so much of our personal agendas and disagreements. Pride causes us to posture with others and to seek advantage over others. Pride permeates our politics, it often shapes our business dealings, and it even seeps into the church. Because of pride, we get obstinate, so we don’t listen to – or submit to – God the way we should. We don’t listen to each other, or defer to each other, the way we should.

Is it any wonder that pride tops the list of “the 7 deadly sins” described in Proverbs 6:16-19?

The antidote to pride is to humble ourselves before God, which is the only way we can keep our lives in proper perspective. As we submit to our Creator, and allow the Holy Spirit to shape our character, pride will fade from our lives and will be replaced by Christ-like humility. The humility that brings peace to our relationships and contentment to our souls.

January 13     Humility: The Core Characteristic
January 20     Pride: The Core Problem
January 27     Humility with Each Other
February 3      Humility & Anger 

2019 will be “A Year of Humility” at Garden Way as we strive to embrace this godly quality.