Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series

A Kingdom of Love

When Jesus began His public ministry, He stepped into a world where kingdoms were in conflict. The various kingdoms of mankind had been – and continued to be – at odds with one another. One kingdom would subjugate another, one kingdom would rebel against another, and there was no end in sight.

To give men and women hope in the midst of their broken world, Jesus announced some very good news about a different kind of kingdom: the Kingdom of God. This Kingdom was near…so near that people could begin to experience it immediately. This Kingdom would be based not on hate, but on love. It would be based not on human power, but on God’s power unleashed through prayer. It would be based not on ignoring the marginalized, but on caring for the marginalized.

The followers of Jesus enthusiastically embraced this vision of the Kingdom and slowly…steadily…dramatically began to change their world. People began to see, and experience, the reality of life in the Kingdom of God. And this gave them hope for the ultimate experience of God’s Kingdom in the life to come.

We, too, live in a world where the kingdoms of mankind continually are in conflict and where people often lack hope. How can we embrace the reality of God’s Kingdom in a way that will transform our world…and prepare people for the world to come?

September 9                                 The Kingdom is Near
September 16                               Our Commandment of Love
September 23                               Our Prayer of Love
September 30                               Our Life of Love
October 7                                       The Kingdom to Come