Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series

God created men and women to experience a rich and abundant life. He wanted the best for these creatures that He had formed in His own image, so He created an idyllic world where they could live without shame.

And our ancestors messed it up.

Adam deliberately was disobedient. Eve yielded to deception. They acted as if they knew better than God, so they turned away from His path and they paid a terrible price. The result? Separation from God…and the beginning of the shame and blame game. Adam and Eve were ashamed of what they had done, so they pointed fingers and blamed others for their own failure. Adam even blamed God.

Every generation now repeats their pattern of self-destructive behavior. Since that day, our typical response to sin is to feel shame. Then, to rid ourselves of that feeling, we often try to shift the blame to others. Yet this strategy never works, because it does not solve our problem. We temporarily may feel good because we’ve gotten ourselves off the hook, but we are not healed. We are not forgiven. The doubt, the hurt, and the shame continue to linger.

That’s why we need Jesus. We need Jesus, because He took our shame and our guilt upon Himself.

The shame and blame game is our own, self-inflicted problem. Our loving God provides the solution: Jesus, the crucified Savior. Jesus, the resurrected Lord. When we put our trust in Jesus, then – and only then – can we experience the sweetness of a fresh start in life, with the slate wiped clean. No more shame…no more blame.

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March 18                                 Why Do Some Ignore It?
March 25                                 Jesus Takes It
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