Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series

Lessons from the Life of Daniel

Daniel was a learned and gifted young man. He was a faithful believer who wanted to honor God in every aspect of life. One day, his life was turned upside down when Jerusalem was successfully attacked by an army of the Babylonian Empire. The Jewish Temple was ransacked and some prominent citizens were taken into captivity. As was customary during that period of time, these captives were taken away into exile. They were forced to live in a foreign land and forced to serve a foreign king.

Daniel was one of these exiles.

In such terrible circumstances, it would be natural to question God. After all, why would God let something like this take place when it clearly is unfair and unjust? And yet it did happen. So how should a person of faith respond?

Should Daniel blatantly defy the authorities and risk his life?
Should he just go along to get along?

In this series of messages, we will explore the challenges and opportunities that Daniel faces. We will see how his faith sustains him and guides him. And we will gain insight about how we can live as people of faith who are mired in an unbelieving world.

September 10                 Captured & Exiled…yet Faithful
September 17                 Interpreting Dreams & Visions
September 24                Trusting God More than Life Itself
October 1                        An Arrogant Dictator’s Downfall
October 8                        An Evil Kingdom’s Downfall
October 15                      Treachery & Failure
October 22                      Content in a Place of Exile