Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series

Early in His ministry, Jesus presented a sermon that offered a dramatically new way to understand God. The initial audience was exclusively Jewish, but the ultimate audience was the world. Therefore, God preserved this particular message in the Bible, in great detail, so that every generation could hear what Jesus had to say.

In this lengthy sermon, Jesus talks about the things we value…the things that “religion” values…and the things that God values. He helps us see life from God’s perspective by sharing with us the basic ethics and practices of the Kingdom of God. This sermon became the foundation for Christian teaching, and much of what Jesus said was reiterated, reinforced, and expanded upon by Paul and the other New Testament writers.

Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” shows us how we can pursue a life that is fulfilling and full of purpose. The kind of life that our Creator wants each of us to have.

May 28                    God Wants to Bless Us!
June 4                     We Can be Salt & Light
June 11                   The Essence of God’s Law
June 18                   What’s in Your Heart?
June 25                   Marriage is a Commitment
July 2                      Authentic Integrity
July 9                      Whose Way?
July 16                    Humility vs. Hypocrisy
July 23                    What Do We Treasure?
July 30                    Judging Others vs. Good Judgment
August 6                 Practice Some Discernment!
August 13              Will We Be Wise or Foolish?