Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series


When God Interrupts
The Story of Christmas

We often act as if we are in complete control of our own lives. Clearly, this is a false illusion, because many aspects of life are beyond our control and beyond our capabilities. Whether we’re talking about the weather or the economy… about accidents or interruptions…we need to accept the fact that much of life is about reacting to events, not controlling events.

This is particularly true when it comes to God.

Our God is the master of the divine appointment and the holy interruption. He loves to intervene in our lives in unexpected ways and at unexpected times. When we’re just going about our daily activities, God may interrupt in order to nudge us – and even push us – toward unexpected actions and goals.

In such moments, the key question is this: How will we respond?

The Bible offers many examples of God’s interruptions, but none so vivid as the story of Christmas. In order to bring His Son into the world, God interrupted a number of lives in a dramatic way. Each time, the people involved faced a choice: How will we react? Will we embrace God’s plan or will we resist Him?

In this series of messages from the Book of Luke we will see Mary, and Joseph, and a group of shepherds respond to God’s interruptions. They don’t always like, or understand, what is taking place. They react with fear or confusion. Ultimately, though, they respond with trust. They choose to believe that God is in control and that knows what He is doing.

As they embrace God’s interruptions, they are able to experience the best that God has for them. By doing so, they become joyful participants in an event that transformed history: the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

December 3                           Fear leads to Obedience 
December 10                        Confirmation leads to Praise
December 17                        Hardship leads to Blessing 
December 24                        Terror leads to Joy