Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series

Loving Our “Neighbors”

Who is my neighbor? According to Jesus, everyone is my neighbor. Every person I encounter is someone to whom I potentially can extend God’s love.

In the midst of the demands of daily life, we tend to forget this. As a result, our actions (and reactions) toward others quite often are motivated more by our likes, dislikes, and preferences…rather than by a desire to be a good “neighbor.” So periodically we need to be reminded of the virtue of neighborliness.

It’s a character quality that Jesus wants each of us to continually develop.

In this series of messages, we will explore some ways we can learn to be better neighbors. We will apply Scriptural principles to different situations, different circumstances, and different kinds of people. And we will hear some real-life stories about how our willingness to be good neighbors actually can make a difference in the lives of people around us.

January 5         Loving People Who Need Mercy
                           Rescuing people in need

January 12        Loving People in Transition
                            Connecting people with Jesus through the changing seasons of life

January 19        Loving People on Their Terms
                            Meeting people on their own turf 

January 26        Loving People of Other Generations
                            Learning to value our differences & distinctions