Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series

We live in a culture full of anxiety.

We’re often anxious about the economy. We are one of the most affluent societies in the history of the world, yet our material comforts have not brought us peace. If we don’t have stuff, we can be anxious about acquiring it.

If we have stuff, we can be anxious about losing it.

We’re often anxious about politics. When our preferred party holds the reins of power, we’re anxious about losing it. When our preferred party is out of power, we’re anxious about how and when we will regain it. We’re anxious because we vilify those who hold different political views and we cannot be at peace when “they” are in charge.

These things – and so many more – keep us from experiencing peace.

God has something better in mind for us, because He does not want us to live under the shadow of worry or fear or anxiety. Instead, He invites us to humble ourselves and trust Him, because then His peace can put our anxieties to rest.

Do we trust God enough to let Him bring peace to our minds, our hearts, our souls, and our relationships?

March 17                      Peace in My Life
March 24                      Peace in God’s Family