Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series

Seasons of spiritual growth are exciting. These are the times when we feel so close to God, and we live with anticipation as He reveals new things to us about the life of faith. We find great joy in Bible reading and worship and fellowship.

And then there are other times. Times when we may, in fact, find ourselves on a spiritual plateau. These are seasons when perhaps God does not feel so close, or when the life of faith seems rather routine. Seasons when perhaps we find ourselves “going” to church, rather than “being” the church.

What can we do to move off the plateau? What steps can we take to energize our faith and lead us into a new season of spiritual growth and spiritual discovery?

In this series of messages, we will explore some actions that can help break us out of our routine. Actions that can open us up to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, so we can experience God – and the life of faith – in fresh ways.

July 21              Enlarge Your Social Boundaries
July 28              Here I am to Worship
August 4           Trust me…or God?
August 11         Let the Bible Get a Fresh Grip on You
August 18         Spur Each Other Toward Love
August 25         Giving: A Purpose, not a Duty
September 1    Serving: A Labor of Love