Current Sermon Series

Current Sermon Series

Experiencing God at Unexpected Times

Christmas is about God’s arrival in human form; that defining moment in history when Jesus came to live among us. It’s easy for us to look back and see this story as a seamless whole; as a series of events that fit wonderfully and miraculously together. We view it as touching and heart-warming.

However, the people in the midst of God’s story had a vastly different experience, because God often was fulfilling His purposes at moments when life was hard for them. In fact, God’s unfolding plan sometimes made life harder, rather than easier. Sometimes, He stepped into their lives when their focus was on other things. Sometimes, His will did not initially make sense to them.

Yet God walks alongside these people as they deal with the challenge of living by faith. They may be lonely or disillusioned. They may be completely surprised and caught off guard. They may be devastated as their own plans seem to come crashing in on them. The heart-warming news is that God is intimately involved with them throughout such moments. He comforts, He counsels, He encourages, He guides.

The story of our spiritual ancestors reminds us that God can – and will – meet us in the same way. Like them, we can experience the presence of God at unexpected times…and even in unexpected ways. He loves to show up to give us hope.

December 1     When We’re Disillusioned
December 8     When We’re Devastated
December 15   When We Least Expect
December 22   When We’re Lonely     


Christmas Eve Services: Tuesday, December 24
Family Service @ 3:30 pm.
Candlelight Service @ 11:00 pm.